As a support for our main curriculum, the centre also provides three in house programmes that are focus-based to teach children specific skills. These programmes are planned and run by professionals in the particular areas. These programmes are offered to all levels and are inclusive in the school monthly fees.


Our art program is taught by two Professional Artists, Ms Ifah, founder and activist of DotParade who come to our school on Wednesdays to teach and develop our children’s artistic expression and knowledge of Master Artists and Modern Artists from different genre. In addition to that, the program is also aimed to teach children specific art skills which they can apply in their projects.


Our Music program is taught and designed by Miss Shauna Chen, a musically trained early childhood educator. The programme is a developmentally appropriate early childhood programme that is based on the recognition that all children are musical. The program is catered to Nursery One through to Kindergarten Two, encouraging children to explore music through a variety of techniques and instruments.


Our multi-sports programme is planned and run by a Professional footballer, Ms Vivian Eng who is also the head coach of Vivo Kids by Vivo Kinetics. The program is offered to Nursery Two to Kindergarten Two children. The lessons are aimed to enhance children’s gross motor skills, coordination and focus. Children are taught the proper techniques to handle equipment on top of learning how to play different sports.