The evolution of Bambini childcare LLP is the story of a school which went through many transitions over the years. Bambini Childcare LLP was formerly under the umbrella of a larger franchise company.

The school was originally a partnership between Ms Mimi Ong and another individual, who had a background in accountancy. However, after a year of partnership, Ms Mimi came to realise that there was a disparity between her vision and philosophy for the direction of the school as an Early childhood Educator to that of her business partner. This resulted in Ms Mimi choosing to break from the partnership and a year later in 2009 joined partnership with Ms Haryani Md Affandi, an educator in the school.

For the next three years Ms Mimi and Ms Haryani undertook the enormous challenge of not only changing the physical outlook of the centre but also the approach of education to match the new vision and philosophy of an emergent curriculum whereby the involvement of families and community is as important as the facilitation of the teachers in the centre. Understanding the limitation of only having a passion for Early childhood and with little business knowledge, both Ms Haryani and Ms Mimi, strived forward. This is only made possible purely driven by their principles and integrity to create a learning environment which parents and family can feel assured that their children will have an enriching experience through positive nurture and care.  As educators, they felt a great responsibility in making sure that the education provided to the children was reflective of the children’s voices. Although they were moving forward with the changes in the school, they still felt greatly constrained by having to follow a set of education guidelines by the headquarters which were not reflective of the current school culture and philosophy. Hence in 2013, they decided it was the right time to be an independent education centre that not only has its own branding and culture but also has its own pillars of approach to education, all through Bambini Childcare LLP.

About the Owners

Ms Mimi Ong

Ms Mimi Ong who originates from Sydney, Australia received her education not only in early childhood education but also psychology. She holds a Degree in Psychology from Macquire University before attaining her Diploma of Child Services from New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission, Australia.

Upon graduation, Ms Mimi Ong not only taught as an early childhood educator in the local Australian early childhood centres but also attained experience as a child minder or au pair internationally, mainly in Europe for many years. She moved to Singapore in 2007 and started her journey as a preschool teacher in Singapore before coming to Sunflower Montessori and buying over partnership in a year.

With more than a decade of experience in the field, Ms Mimi Ong believes strongly in an independent and autonomous image of a child where each child is cared for and held accountable and responsible for their own actions. Children should be treated as equals with opportunities for their voices to be heard and respected as much as the adults.

Ms Haryani

Ms Haryani started her journey in early childhood education by accident. She first received her Degree in Social Sciences majoring in Psychology from the National University of Singapore. Upon graduation, she started working for an Australian company as a Behavioural Therapist mainly for children with autism and developmental delays.

After about three years as a therapist, Ms Haryani decided to try something new but relevant to her field by taking up Diploma in Preschool Education in Teaching with Etonhouse Education Centre before starting her work at Sunflower Bambini Childcare. Within a year, she realised that she can do a lot more for the field by joining partnership with Miss Mimi.

Ms Haryani has a strong belief that children have a mind of their own and allowing them the opportunity to discover and explore will allow children to have a meaningful experience in education and learning. Children should enjoy learning and gaining knowledge and not be trained to remember information that they might not understand or have any understanding towards.