Who We Are

In its early years, the centre was part of a franchise group that followed the philosophy of the management in the headquarters. However, the founders of Bambini Childcare who were also early childhood educators felt that there should be a paradigm shift in the way early childhood education and educators are looked at in Singapore. Hence, in 2013 Bambini Childcare LLP was officially formed and went independent as a stand alone centre.

With a combined total experience of more than 30 years in not only preschool education but also special education and private small group learnings, Bambini Childcare is able to formulate a high quality education approach that is inclusive, engaging and also highlights the importance of enjoying learning and discovery itself. It also praises the importance of strong centre home partnership and community involvement in order to foster an endless love of learning in not only the children but also the educators and the families we work with.

At Bambini Child Care, we like to engage each child with a curriculum that is engaging and stimulating. As a Reggio Emilia inspired centre, we recognize that a child learns and makes meanings of the world through discovery, explorations and investigations. We encourage children to be independent, allowing different mediums of expressions and provide opportunities for them to problem solve; skills necessary for them to have to move on to the next step in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Image of Child

Children are independent and active learners, explorers, creative thinkers who have the natural instinct to be inquisitive. They are a crucial part of the social environment that constructs and re-constructs their schemas through their own sets of values. Each child has their own personality, wants, needs and interests.

We believe that children have the right to make real choices and be empowered of their own learning curve. As such, it is crucial that our centre not only value this uniqueness but respect the level of intelligence that is already innate in them. Educators play an important, integrative role in a child’s development not through teaching but facilitating, providing opportunities such as materials, ideas and forming meaningful, sincere relationships with each child through care, concern and utmost respect.

Learning through Discovery

As active agents who are independent, we strongly believe that discovery supports children to make decisions, problem solve and discover through manipulation and exploration. Through play and interaction, children are supported to express themselves through a variety of media such as verbal, visual arts, performing arts, symbols and many more (Gandini, 1993). It enables children to represent their world in a variety of forms and supports learning and flexibility in thinking and gives children the opportunity to exercise their multiple intelligence when expressing their ideas, ie. visual-spatial, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal and verbal-linguistic.

Each planned learning experiences that are age-appropriate will cover the different educational areas such as mathematics, science, language and self-awareness. In support of children’s learning through discovery, we believe that a planned environment would have different provocations for children with open-ended materials, ready for children to explore.

Home School Partnership

We believe that home school partnerships are important in scaffolding a child’s development. This is because school and home are the two most important settings or environment for a child’s learning. Bridging the two worlds in a positive and respectable way will increase the level of security for children. It is our centre’s belief to maintain a positive and strong partnership with home to create a rich environment physically and socially for the child. Parents and families are welcome to help and share your child’s learning through your involvement in the centre.

Our Staffs

We have a dedicated team of motivated educators who work within each classroom. The educators have a range of educational backgrounds and experiences in the field of early childhood. Their personal hobbies and interests also allow children to extend their learning and explorations in the classroom. Our auxiliary staffs also play a key role in ensuring the well-being of the children. All our staffs have a First Aid and Food & Hygiene Certifications.