Every year, the children and teachers from Bambini Childcare LLP, will have a special Art Exhibition day, specially for the parents and families of the children. They will be invited to view and be inspired by the many art works that have been created by the children over a period of time.


At least one to two months before the date of the exhibition, the teachers will sit with the children and start brainstorming ideas based on the theme that has been chosen. The children will share their ideas and thoughts on the theme and think about different topics that they can explore about based on the theme given. From there, a specific topic will be chosen for each classroom for them to be inspired from and create their art pieces. The children and teachers will then work hard to create art pieces using a variety of medium such as 2D art using paint and collage or 3D construction using mainly recycled materials. They will slowly transform the school similar an art gallery like the Singapore Art Museum or Imaginarium. These art installations not only portray the children’s talents and hard work but most importantly centralises around given a space for children’s voices to be heard, their thoughts and ideas to be the centre of the installations.

Since the Annual Art Exhibition has always been a part of the children’s effort in community work, this year we opened the exhibition to the general public, inviting them to get inspired by children’s artworks. It is one of the initiatives of the centre to portray art as a tool of education and learning.

This year, the theme chosen was “Colour of Life”. This theme was chosen collaboratively between the children and teachers because of their love for colours and the spectrum of colours that they can see in the environment, especially in nature. Based on their previous explorations on modern and classic artists known for their work of colours such as Andy Warhol and Wassily Kandinsky, the children looked for vibrancy of life through the colours they can see. Each class chose a respective colour of their choice and through brainstorming; they chose a specific topic based on their colours. Ranging from the black space of Star Wars in the Kindergarten class, to the Blue space of under the sea in the Nursery Two Chinese class, green environment for Rainforest in the Nursery Two English class and finally the yellow Egyptian desert in the Playgroup/Nursery One classroom, the children made each topic come alive with their different interpretations of the topic.

Big art installations created from cardboards and recycled papers include the Millenium Falcon, rocketship, submarine, a tree and sphinx where some of the central 3D art installations in each class. Then, the teachers also allowed each child to express their own individual flare through paintings of colourful trees, making their own fish, forming their versions of the pyramids and creating stories about the outerspace for the older children. Each class had their own story and reasons behind each art installations and these were documented throughout either through photographs, captions or the art pieces itself.

We also provided an interactive platform for parents to engage with the children during the Art Exhibition through a special Parent-Child Art workshop, run collaboratively by our in house Art Teacher, Teacher Iffah. The parents and their children will pair up to design their own tote bags while learning the technique of screen printing. The turn up was more than we had expected and the parents got their hands into the activity, working hand in hand with their children to ensure that they get the best product for their tote bag.

In all, the Art Exhibition was successful because the children had fun and had a part in each step of creating the art installations. The teachers felt a sense of accomplishment and pride as they looked back at the amount of effort and hard work they had put in together with the children to ensure that the Art Exhibition was able to come alife. The parents were also able to appreciate the hard work that was put in and the colours that were surrounding the art work. We hope to have a better event in the year to come!

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  1. Sathiya SUBRAMANIAM says:

    I miss working at bambini. I still remember how fun it was to organise the art exhibition. Good job and keep it up Bambini.

    1. Bambini Childcare says:

      Thank you Sathiya for your kind words! 🙂

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